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Contemporary Art Thinking (CAT) teaches creative teams to develop problem-solving skills by exploring what is personally inspirational to each of them. 

ToyHaus: a uniquely beautiful mini-playhouse for all kids

Haus featured in May/June issue of Dwell Magazine

HAUS Written Up by Design Milk and picked up by the Design Milk shop.

Haus makes beautiful, customizable play equipment with a modernist design heritage that fosters creativity and open-ended exploration for kids 3+. Haus products are flat-pack and washable and give kids independence indoors and outdoors.

Directed The Weissman Foundry 2018-2020. A center of collaboration between Babson, Olin and Wellesley Colleges for transdisciplinary design to prototyping.

Summer 2017 Resident (BUILD) Space, a massive industrial workshop and innovation studio focused on the future of making things.

Develped the branding, equpment needs, culture and pedagogy of IYRS’ Digital Modeling & Fabrication program in Newport, RI

With a $1.2MM raise, Kwambio offers, boutique, on-demand digital manufacturing solutions for product designers.

Resident as co-founder of Kwambio in the Class of summer 2015, Boston

Developed concept and advised student foundiers. SAS offers contemporary art to the Northeastern community

Developed the equptmeent needs, use and safety infrastructure, and petagogical support

Viv is a creative artificial intelligence that attempts to capture and model creative inspiration, generating 3D-printable vases that are inspired by a source image

Developed the Snell Library the 3D Printing Studio that offers a full suite of 3D fabrication and modeling technologies to members of the Northeastern community.

Lecturer: Art + Design, Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning: Faculty Scholar, Faculty: Honors Program Northeastern University 

Consultant to develop a mobile app voxel polygon modeler that allows the user to model and output G-Code directly to a desktop 3D printer

An infinitely customizable, triangular-based, modular shelving and storage system

Inaugural member of the first museum-led incubator for art, design, and technology

An online storefront for high-end 3D printed housewares and jewelry and offering one-click 3D customization via 3D Design Filters

A lecture focused on bringing 3D design to everyone through easy-to-use mobile applications, STE(A)M education and Mass-Personalization / Fabrication

Snowflke is a micro, 3d printed “barcode” use to track luxury goods and artworks. With snowflke, users effectively protect their products or property from theft and forgery saving millions in lost sales and insurance claims.

Things + Intellectual Property (T+IP) grew from the realization that ubiquitous 3D scanning has the potential to be the most disruptive of all emerging 3D technologies.

The ANA project is an exploration into storing information, typed alphanumeric text, as physical 3D printed objects.

An 4 channel, interactive installation project at Sampson Gallery, exploring virtual / actual world physical attraction

Research into developing personailzed education from a students unique digital "footprint"

Exhibited artwork as part of a group show that explores how we search for intimacy on electronic devices.

An interactive light experiment at No Globe Exhibition Space investigating physical and digital bodies dispalaced by time

The Mecube storefront. Mecube users can post and 3d print their designs

The first voxel based mobile design app that offers an easy way to 3D model and 3D print your designs in full color. Boot strapped, 10000 downloads in 16 months

The final installation at the first floor gallery location. 85' investigation into the far away and so close

Finalist for large scale multimedia installation. 

A Stefan Tcherepnin and Janos Stone recorded performance in realtime using a Skype conference link and three computers.

A body of work that investigated attraction and beauty between the actual and virtual worlds

A body of work that looked at how time  between couples is spent via digital devices

A series of double portraits of actual couples who met via online dating services (four of the five were married)

Interviews with the inhabitants of Second Life that manifested into sculptural interpretations of the collected verbal responces

A compilation of student studio art and design projects

A commission for a bronze and sapphire glass coffee table in a cherry blossom theme

Assistant Professor, 3D Design, Sculpture, Drawing/Anatomy

A commission for a bronze and wood 5-sided portrait cabinet commemorating the 5 children of Dr. Graves

A commision for a bronze parrot themed intercom for Mrs. Paine

A memorial gift plaque for my grandmother a Bunting Fellow, dedicated to the Bunting Institute for Women, Radcliffe College