Janos Stone


This page documents three years of work to
transform the way the public experiences art and design.

cla- manufactures and sells high end,
3D printed designer products through an online store
that offers effortless customization for customers.

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clā Investor Deck


clā Designer Deck


I wish to thank the many people who contributed to the project:
In particular Mark Sivak who was with me from the beginning.
Sheena Matheiken who among many strokes of design and concept genius, named cla
Kei Gowda, who added structure and magic ponies
Mark Haddad
Seth Sivak
Chad Phillips
Scott Cohan
Who’s advice allowed for a richer, more refined product.

And to all the others who added flavor and energy:
Stephan Elliott
Matt Gowie
Aubrey Holland
Jonathan Hansen
Tim Herman
Daniel Thiem
Hart Marlow
Angela Eberhardt
Nora Wolf
Raymond Ritter
Julia Kaganskiy
Daniel Michalik
Roberta Miller
Cecilia Lenk